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This week I tried Bryers new Gelato Indulgences thanks to Influenster who sent me coupon to get it for free. I don’t normally eat gelato at all, My daughter is the gelato fan in the house but she only eats coconut flavored and I’m very picky about my ice cream myself.
Anyway onto the gelato!

I decided to try the Tiramisu one as its one of my favorites cakes ever and being diabetic means I don’t get to eat sugary things often, so when I do, it had better be GOOD. (yes diabetics can have things with sugar, in moderation!)
The first thing I noticed when I opened it was that it was coated in a dusting of cocoa which smelt awesome as I do love chocolate. if the mascarpone had a scent it was definitely over powered by the cocoa and my summer allergies. as I dug my spoon into the gelato I noticed it was very different from scooping ice cream, it felt more spongy like scooping into frozen marshmallow. it was so nice to not bend a spoon for once! though once I had my scoop in the bowl I noticed it really lacked in the lady fingers department which they made really tiny, so i thought that was a cute way to make sure no one got a bite that was all cake.
It wasn’t till after I scooped me some of the gelato that I noticed the coffee flavored part was in the top half in the valleys of the swirls of the mascarpone, which tasted really really good, though I’m honestly not to sure what to say about the coffee flavored bit, to me it tasted quite bitter and I really didn’t like it, then again I really like sweet flavored coffee drinks.

all in all it was quite yummy!

MY feelings about this: it needs a little more of the lady fingers

would I buy it again?: only after trying the Vanilla Caramel and Raspberry Cheesecake as I suspect I will like those more.





please note “I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”