Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum #GetAdvanced

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As part of my Frosty VoxBox I received a sample of Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Serum complimentary (that means free) from Influenster, for testing so my opinions are my own.

wpid-wp-1422729873595.jpegA little Info card with a coupon for $2 off on the bottom half

the tiny fine print says Clinical studies over a 3month period for the serum and over 6 months for the Intense serum.

wpid-wp-1422729854057.jpegThis is the foil I received, as you can see its a foil and I got the Intense serum.

now lets think back to what that fine print said for the intense serum.

now back to the size of the foil.

Okay so its going to take more serum then I received to notice if its working, I actually find this funny (because I’m half Asian, our wrinkle cycle is very different) so lets Google this stuff for more info

Some info I found on their site

“After 2 weeks skin looks younger, by 4 weeks deep lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. Results keep getting better with continued use. 80% of women said this serum provided the best ever anti-ageing results they had ever seen”

Younger Looking Skin! Oh well that sounds more promising. Still its a foil this is more like one weeks worth for evenings only but oh well, like I said I’m half Asian, totally not worried about wrinkles yet but I do want awesome skin, what girl doesn’t…

So this is what I noticed


The good:

Its Non greasy (big plus for me I already have a very oily face)

Its really smooth, almost silk like

Its fragrance free, I cant stand a lot of scented stuff or things with a medical smell

My skin felt nice for quite a while after applying

The bad:

The sample wasn’t big enough for me to really see a difference after a week when I look into the mirror, Am I willing to invest in it for the price of a 1oz bottle at target., Not right now.I’m already spending more then Id like for my dermatitis¬† I’m a mom after all and my family is on a budget and $25 for a hit or miss vanity item for myself is a no go in this family for now.