The BlossomVoxBox!!!

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I have Been Lucky enough to get the Blossom VoxBox from Influenster
with all sorts of goodies to try out and test.

This is a REALLY nice box too!!!

wpid-wp-1431592480188.jpegThe Info card some really cute art on one side,
This would make a nice postcard if the words¬† ‘smile’.

wpid-wp-1431593317225.jpegAll the info about everything in the box.

wpid-wp-1431593330510.jpegmore info about the shampoo

wpid-wp-1431593342440.jpegsome stuff about ebay

wpid-wp-1431593355340.jpeginfo about the beanitos

wpid-wp-1431593367748.jpeginfo about the pasta noodles

wpid-wp-1431593378027.jpega recipe.

The Stuff in the box…

wpid-wp-1431593415633.jpegAustrian Gold Sunscreen Lotion.

Unlike any other sunscreen Ive ever used,
This actually smells nice, to me it smelled like candy!
It absorbed quite well without having to force it to other areas of my skin
maybe that’s the lotion part
(seriously last bottle I bought 5 years ago smeared like thick paste *cough* copper something *cough*  so I switched to sprays).

wpid-wp-1431593443105.jpegNYC New York Color City Proof 24 Hr Eyeshadow

The shadow I received is Brooklyn Mocha.
I’m not sure what to say about it, yes I did like, so much I bought the Tribeca Taupe
Its nice & creamy and easy for me to blend.
I also love that I will NEVER need a sharpener to sharpen it!
I would like more, if I could find the colors I wanted though such as Pink and Lilac.
The taupe is the closest I could find to a matte for my crease but to me its more satin.

wpid-wp-1431593470222.jpegNasoya Pasta Zero Noodles

After seeing that I was getting the Blossom VoxBox and saw that this was in it, I got super excited.
My review is here, Yeah It got its own page!
(I liked it THAT much)

wpid-wp-1431593480179.jpegSally Hansen AirBrush Legs

Well I tried it but since I psoriasis on my shins, I just looked awkard.
I also had to wash my hands 4 times to get it off my palms…


I am NOT a fan of beans so I was kinda scared to try them.
I’m also a firm believer of I cant NOT like something till Ive tried it.
The Beanitos are actually not that bad, they’re very diffrent from the usual chip.
they’re more crumbly and well kinda dry.
The Sea Salt was really good with hummus, Chipotle BBQ was NOT my thing.

wpid-wp-1435298588061.jpegHair Food Root Cleansing Shampoo

Well, Its shampoo, It smells nice and my hair definitely feels stripped of everything when I use it…
its a nice break from the T-gel I have to use for my psoriasis (yup I have it on my scalp too).

wpid-photogrid_1431986858811.jpgI tried to eat this plain outta the package while a supernatural marathon on Netflix .
big mistake I should have mixed it into yogurt It’s pretty good and I wish it had more caramel bits.I cant bring myself to try the coconut almond curry one. (but as I type this I’m going to) All I can say about that one was NO, NO, NO….ick

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, My opinions are my own.