Sephora Makeup Classes.

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Today I did one of the free makeup classes taught at Sephora with my daughter. Having already Done 2 of the other classes and knowing what to expect, I was very very excited. The class offered today was the Contour and Highlight and having missed the last one due to it being fully booked, I was happy and egger to learn today.

What I  experienced today left me with a fowl taste in my mouth though.

This class started like the others, with everyone introducing themselves,  Then our Facilitator assigning her “coaches” to “groupings” of the tables, and I made sure to mentally take note whom to ask if or when I needed help. Who shall now be referred to as V. We even had a “student” that casually made it clear she already knew how to contour and highlight and that later that day she had TWO modeling photo-shoots go to later after this class. (I even remembered this “student” from my last class where she bragged about modeling then too, I was even happy for her then).

When we finally got started it was the usual, our Facilitator applying product onto her model and explaining what it was, its purpose and how to apply. she went over moisturizing and foundation and how we should be brushing outwards from the center of the face and using concealer for triangle of light.

When it came time for us to do this to our own faces, not everyone had foundation and concealer in our color IQ pulled and moisturizer was handed out to everyone along with an eye cream and some people were randomly giving a primer too, not knowing what to do with the primer since it wasn’t covered. My daughter ended up nudging me to ask about the primer not knowing what it was or what to do with it when couldn’t get a “coaches” attention. It didn’t help that the “student” who already proclaimed she knew all there is to contouring that was also a model with 2 shoots at blah blah location and blah blah location went above and beyond to completely hog as much attention from V a “coach” not even designated to her grouping. going on about doing this or doing that or using this or using that and I have a photo shoot so I need this to look good  (this was actually the 5th time she went and mentioned she was a model and far from the last).

Then we moved onto the next step, contour coloring and the difference between it and bronzer and placement as well as what brush to use. I missed part of this because my daughter was finally giving concealer and was asking me questions….yay I’m lost now.

Now comes the part where try to do this to ourselves on our own but low and behold I have NO contouring power/creame/kit and it turns out neither does my teen(but I hadn’t noticed this yet). My silent queries are answered though as I see coach “V” bringing contouring kits. Then she hands one to “Model” who’s in coach “d”s section who slacking anyway and to the nice lady about my age across from me. Okay, I’m sure my “coach” will go get more kits right? NOPE. I’m a model starts yabbering away again about making sure this is right and needing this to be perfect, is the color going to be okay?, because you guessed it shes got two photo shoots to go to (by now I’m thinking why the fuck is she here if she already knows everything about contouring as she had proclaimed).

Now, now I’m just looking around and watching everyone giving this next step a go and the young lady to my left is just looking fantastic and the girl across from her blend blend blending away and I’m a Model is yabbering away again about being a model and what company and having 2 photo shoots to go to after this (again) to the same coach who’s attention I’ve been trying to attain (with NO luck). now I’m trying to get the attention of ANY “coach” and notice my teen also has nothing and the coach is her area is concentrating on just two people and she been holding her hand up high like she was in school trying to get some help to no avail either…. Now I’m looking around with an awkward face and flicking my brush around in the air at nothing thinking “I really don’t want to fucking be here now”, and I cant look at my daughter because I cant even get anyone to help me let alone her.

Hell I can’t even finish this it bothers me that much..



I’m done with the beauty classes, not because I’ve learned all there is to know but because today it seemed like the “coaches” are to stretched thin even after designated to small groupings.
Some of these young girls seem to forget that the ‘coaches’ are there to help everyone and not just them, I learned more about the shape and placement of product on the face of another girl in this class who freely admitted that shes already good at contouring and highlighting with a modeling shoot to go to afterwards, Then I did about my own face shape.
Once I even got to sit there with NO product to even try as I was forgotten about as the “coach” for grouping I was in was to busy dealing with “I already know all about contouring student/model” to bring me any, only to find out that my daughter who also signed up for the class but in a different grouping was without product for a while too.
As a mother to a teenage girl I have been advocating these classes to many of my friends that are parents of girls in high-school as something to not only do together but for the other mothers to know about makeup since is has changed a lot in the last decade.