This is Refurbished! Refurb for short. He came into my family’s life via a surprise phone call. It pretty much went like this “Do you still want a bunny?” and I said “ummm well yeah.” and was told to get my butt to <insert pet store name of choice> now”. So I did.

Anyway the story goes like this, some guy walked in trying to dump a bunny (you know for free, you know because the humane society charges a drop off fee.) Because He and his family were being shipped over seas and couldn’t take the bunny with. Now most pet stores will NOT take in a strange pet to resale, why? They know NOTHING about the animal, it could be sick it could be mean…. (oddly this is the 2nd time I got a pet this way, first time some lady tried to dump a hamster, the store said No and she threaten to let it loose in the store parking lot, I HATE people like this) so I got a phone call and was told to hurry after I said ‘Yes!’

Right before leaving to pick up this guy my S.O. said be sure to check him out, your getting a refurbished rabbit after all. hence the name Refurbished. I suspect my little bunny was actually a Easter present that lost his charm after about three months when it was realized that bunnys are a difficult pet.

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